AAA Academy After School Programs

Redlands Educational Partnership collaborates with Redlands Unified School District to provide after school programs at 8 different locations in the district.  Major funding for these programs comes from the State of California After School Education and Safety (ASES) grant. Grant guidelines require elementary students attend until 6:00PM, and middle school students attend until 6:15PM. Early Release allows students to attend parallel programs like sports, church activities and scouts, etc.  All students have equal opportunity to enroll, but space is limited.

Programs charge $40.00 as an annual registration fee. There are no weekly or monthly fees, and no income requirements. Students must register to attend.

Elementary Programs

THINK Together:  All sites serve students in 1st-5th grade (some sites serve full-day or afternoon/later gator Kindergarten, please call for more information).

See more information about THINK Together: Our Programs

To REGISTER, please contact THINK Together at (909)723-1400.

Sites & Contact Phone Numbers:

  • Franklin Elementary, (909)435-9147
  • Kingsbury Elementary, (909)435-8600
  • Lugonia Elementary, (909)435-8073
  • McKinley Elementary, (909)480-9031
  • Victoria Elementary, (909)435-8512

ASES Programs are also available at Bryn Mawr (909)798-4599 and Mentone (909)794-8639.

THINK Together: Registration


Please contact THINK Together to get information and directions on how to register. (909)723-1400.

Middle School Programs

NEW! Creative Brain Learning, Inc., Programs for Middle Schools. To REGISTER, use the link below. Sites serve students in 6th-8th grade.

  • Clement Middle
  • Cope Middle
  • Moore Middle

Current THINK Together students (2018-2019) will have priority enrollment in Creative Brain Learning.

Creative Brain: Registration


You can register your student using the link below. However, payments are only accepted after your student has been accepted. Please complete the registration form below to start the process.

All programs include:

Homework & Tutoring

Nutrition & Fitness Activities

Academic Activities in ELA, STEAM, and Social Sciences

Intramural sports

Robotics, Coding, Computers

Visual & Performing Arts--and much more!

After School Program Gallery 2018-2019

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