Summer Programs FAQ

  • When will registration begin?

    For current Redlands USD students: April 17th at 9:00AM

    For non-Redlands USD students: April 24th at 9:00AM

  • Can I register my child online?

    Yes, all registrations are done online. The link to registration will be available on Registration Day!

  • Does my child need to attend Camp all day?

    No, youth can sign up for just Morning, or Morning and E2 (Extended Enrichment) or Morning, E2 and Fridays. The only exception is that youth cannot sign up for E2 without attending the Morning also.

  • Can I sign my child up for just one week or session?

    Sign up for as many weeks as you would like!  Incoming 1st through 6th can sign up for 1-4 weeks. Incoming 7th through 12th can sign up for Session A and Session B, or just one.

  • How do the morning blocks work?

    Incoming 1st through 6th only:  Each week your child will choose the 3 courses they are interested in taking.  They will spend one hour in each course for 4 days (Monday through Thursday.)

  • How many staff are on site?

    We maintain a ratio of at least 1 staff for every 10 for Incoming 1st graders, and 1:20 for Incoming 2nd – 6th grades.  Incoming 7th through 12th grades are at a ratio of 1 staff for every 25 students.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    No, payment is due in full no later than 5:30PM the Friday before the week (for 1st – 6th grades) or session (for 7th-12th grades).  We do accept credit cards through our online registration system.

  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

    The scholarship application is part of the registration process. Scholarships are limited and for partial amounts. Scholarships will be awarded to Redlands USD current students only and are based on income and need.

    We use the same income guidelines as the Child Nutrition Services. You can see the guidelines by clicking on this link:

  • How does AAA Academy support Redlands USD students?

    AAA Academy is a program through Redlands Educational Partnership.  The funds raised through our programs are in turn provided as grants to the teachers and schools in Redlands USD.  Since the inception of Redlands Educational Partnership, we have given over $2 million in funding back to Redlands Unified schools.  These grants fund Technology, Arts and Gardens as well as special grants to teachers for projects that the schools would not be able to fund with their own budgets.  For more information about Redlands Educational Partnership, please visit:  REP Website

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