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Even though we can't get together in person, we wanted to bring you fun activities to fill your summer! Please visit us weekly for new activities, challenges and fun ways to learn. Completely free to all, no registration needed.
Have a great summer--with us!
Cherish Bohlman
AAA Academy Director
LEGO Aquarium
Submitted by Kash D.

Check out this submission from our 100 Brick LEGO Challenge, from Kash D. An aquarium with sharks, a crab, fish and and a starfish!


What is Aphelion?

On July 4th, the Earth was the farthest it could be from the sun. Confusing, since it was one of the hottest days of summer so far! But the steep tilt to the axis allows us to receive more sun, increasing the sun's energy, combined with the long hours make it possible reach warm temperatures.
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Grow a Rainbow!

Try this Science Experiement!

Rainbow Experiment

You can grow a rainbow of your own at any time! This simple experiment shows you how water moves through paper, separating out the dye molecules from the markers, also known as chromatography.

DIY Solar Oven S'mores

Try this tasty experiment!

Solar Oven S'mores brings us a tasty way to see the sun’s power in action. Create a solar oven from a cardboard box and foil. You don’t need fire for s’mores!

Sun Printed Fabric

Sun + Fabric Paint = Unusual Art!

Sun Print

Try a very unusual way to make art with fabric paint and sunshine!

Water Balloon Volleyball

Challenge your family to this fun game!

Water balloon Volleyball

Try this challenging and hilarious twist on volleyball, with water balloons instead of a ball!

Activity History

Did you miss out? Not possible! All activities are kept online below!

Missing Fireworks this Year?

Try this Science Experiement!

Glowing Fireworks Image

Redlands has, for the first time since it began, canceled their Fourth of July Fireworks show to help keep our community healthy during this time. If you are missing them, please try out this equally fascinating experiment by Growing a Jeweled Rose!

Make an Awesome 4th of July Drink

Try this tasty recipe!

Colorful Cubes

Tired of the same old drinks for summertime? Don’t get us wrong–we love lemonade! But for 4th of July try out this delicious treat!

Fill your ice cube trays with Gatorade or Kool-Aid instead of water. Make one tray of red-colored and one tray of blue-colored. Once they are frozen, fill your glass with a variety of cubes and add a clear soda, such as 7-Up or Sprite.  Trust me, you’ll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood!

Head on over to Good Life of a Housewife for the recipe details!

Glow Bowling in Your Backyard!

Create your own glow in the dark bowling set!

Glow sticks

Create your own bowling set that GLOWS IN THE DARK!

What you’ll need:  6 Glow sticks, 6 empty 1-Liter bottles (with labels removed, keep the lids), and a Ball (You can also use a hamster ball filled with glow sticks if you want extra glow!)


You can leave the water bottles empty, or fill them with water. Follow the glow stick directions to activate them. Add one to each water bottle. Set up your lane on a hard surface (patio, driveway or sidewalk–or stay inside and use a wood, laminate or tiled floor.) You’re ready to bowl! Take turns and have fun!

Create a Deluxe Cardboard House

From the Home Depot

DIY Cardboard Playhouse for Kids

Try out your engineering and construction skills! Brought to you by the Home Depot and presented by Charlotte Smith of At Charlotte’s House.

Virtual Escape Room

How much you know about Redlands Schools will help you escape!

Image of lock and keyboard, Virtual Escape room

How much you know about Redlands Schools is put to the test in this Virtual Escape Room!  Answer the questions to get through all 10 levels! Good Luck!

There are two versions – Master (Difficult) or Novice (Easier) Select the level you want below.

Try the Novice (Beginner) Escape Room!

Build a Lizard Lounge

Enjoying seeing animals in your garden?

Close up of a lizard

Summer is a great time to observe lizards.  There are dozens of kinds that live in Southern California.  You can see a whole list of them here:  California Herps

You’ll often find lizards lounging in the sun on hot days. They like smooth and flat surfaces that get a lot of heat from the sun, like bricks, sidewalks, and rocks.  Lizards play a key role in our ecosystem by eating bugs like beetles and spiders.

You can create a safe place for lizards to live right in your own backyard!

Visit Crater Lake with Dierks Bentley!

See a National Park from home, with a country music star!

Mountain and view of Crater Lake in summer

Crater Lake in Oregon is beautiful, in every season! It’s hard to take trips right now, so enjoy this virtual tour with country music star Dierks Bentley and see a 360-degree view of this national park.

LEGO 100 Brick Challenge

What can you build with just 100 bricks?

Love LEGOs? Are you a Brickmaster? Here’s your challenge for this week. Choose 100 bricks to design a structure, picture, creature or whatever you can imagine! Then use the link below to upload your creation to our Photo Gallery for display next week. What will you build? A castle? A flower? A sports car?

The rules are: 1) You must use your imagination–no fair using instructions. 2) You must use 100 bricks.  That’s it!

We can’t wait to see your build!

Bee Watering Station

Why water the bees?

Why do we need bees? Bees are a very important part of our environment’s health. Plants, flowers and even trees rely on pollen collectors and pollen spreaders like bees in order to grow.  So, to keep bees from being too thirsty, and keep them away from your pool and water fun, give them their own place to get water. Check back often with an adult to help you with adding water. We recommend that you check in the early morning or after sunset when bees are less active.

What you need: a shallow dish or plastic container. Small rocks or marbles. Fill your dish or container with rocks/marbles. Place it in an area near plants or flowers, but away from your pool or places you play. Add water to the dish so that the rocks/marbles are still sticking out of the water to give the bees a place to land and get a drink.

Thank you for supporting the bees!

Counting Seals

Help researchers study seal populations

Recommended for older students.

Help researchers count the number of seals in video footage and drone footage from the three research points. Use the button below to go to the Seal Watch site. There is a short tutorial that will teach you how.

Art Lesson: Happy Flowers

Draw Along with Video

Head over to Deep Space Sparkle for a Follow Along Art Lesson on creating Happy Flowers. Don’t worry–you only need crayon and paper! If you have other art supplies you can use those too!

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